Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let the Adventures Begin!!!!!!!!!

Sunday afternoon Ed wanted to get out of the house so we took a ride to the town park and went for a walk.  After walking the park and by the river I said we should try Geocaching.  It might prove to be fun.  Armed with an older car GPS that is quite fussy and has been know to shut off without warning and Ed's blackberry he pulled up Geocaching.com and found the coordinates to whas was supposed to be a very close cache.  We set out and ended up somewhere in the outback of Danville (bet ya didn't know Danville had an outback!) I quickly jumped out of the car, with Ed telling me it's not a good spot to be jumping out of the car and we can't be sure this is it because the GPS isn't working.  Let's turn around and take another pass.  We did and saw some homemade birdhouses hanging in lots of trees around a yard, and a GUN.  Ack!  OK I'm sure it was a BB gun but it still was a little odd for a gun to be hanging in a tree like a wind chime.  So we headed back home so we could get on a real computer and bring up some better data where we found.......

"The Buck Stops Here", which was within a mile of our home.  So off we went to an abandoned strip club with broken windows and just not a pretty place.  We looked all over and again Ed was a little worried about tresspassing, but I was find with hiking around the abandoned building until I found.....ACK! (again!) women's orange undies on the hill.  Ok so now I'm not a happy camper.  Off to home we went again to figure out what we are missing.  We  finally figured out there was a clue and went back again.  (Good thing we are only a little ways away!)  We found the tree, and found a little orange ball but couldn't find a cache.  Hmmmm....were we doing something wrong?  Luckily I posted a note and that cache has been archived so we made our plans for the next night. 

WE WERE DETERMINED to find a cache.  We set out for our first cache just a mile or so down the road in the Dutch Hill Church Cemetery.   And yeah after just a little looking and Ed on camera we found our FIRST cache! Yeah I was so excited!  We signed in and looked through what was in the well camouflaged container.  Took a few photos, put in a little chachki and put it back right where we had found it. 

We figured why stop there.....so we set out for Buckhorn and found another one at the Veteran's Memorial. Ed found this one and we took it to the truck so as not to be spotted by muggles as it was a busy time of day.  We took a eat stay and play chip and added a bracelet. Ed jumped out between passing traffic as to not be seen putting the cache back.   Then drove around the mall for our next, but decided we needed to get some dinner.  So while I was googling the address for China Queen where we went for dinner I found several right in the area.  Hoping to get done eating while we still had enough light we set our for a micro in the Parking Lot of TPC.  I had no idea how to find a cache on a light pole, but seeing some rocks under the rim I grabbed the cover with both hands and up it came.  And there it was our first micro cache.  I should have taken a photo of this one.  I was so surprised to find how many others have signed in on this one. 

And thus was born our new hobby.  Ed is already looking for a hand held GPS and I started the blog.  And Ashlyn is off work tonight so we plan on taking her along for her first cache tonight.  And I have plans to get my parents our for the Columbia County Covered Bridges, I think my Dad would enjoy it. 

Until our next cache, get out there and  have some fun, happy Geocaching!